20 Hour Power Training Module with Diana Wilcox

20 Hour Power Training Module with Diana Wilcox

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This 20 hour module is designed to deliver powerful teaching tools to lead impactful public classes through intentional cueing, intelligent sequencing, and practice teaching.  It will include active cueing, spatial/orientational cueing, athletic sequencing, dynamic transitions, shadow work and applying it to a physical practice, and teaching to an edge to give teachers skill to create a powerful class.This course can be taken as a refresher course or as a way to amplify teaching for both seasoned and newly graduated teachers.

See all sessions described below. 

Oct 14th, 2023 2pm-6pm
2pm - 4pm | Advanced 90 minute Power Practice |
Join Diana for a 90 minute heated Power Practice. In these 90 minutes you will build lots of fire and build to a peak pose. Expect to sweat, strengthen your body, and challenge yourself in the advanced practice
4pm - 6pm-Training Content for creating a power practice and peak pose.

Nov 18th, 2023 2pm-6pm
2pm - 4pm | Binds + Balances |
Take your practice to the next level with binds and balances. Throughout this session you will focus on opening key areas of your body that allow you to deepen into bind and create space while doing so. Simultaneously you will learn how to tap into your strength and create resistance in your body that will allow you to transition from pose to pose while maintaining a bind. Think Bound Side Angle Lunge to Bound Half Boon to Bird of Paradise! Expect to move, strengthen, and create space for your own expansion.
4pm - 6pm-Training Content to develop your own opportunities for teaching binds and balance

Jan 13th, 2023 2-6 pm
2pm - 4pm |Backbends + Strengthening your back body |
Join Diana for a 1.5 hour fiery and focused workshop designed to awaken the strength of your posterior chain and deepen your backbends with strength and ease all while maintaining the natural curves of your spine. Expect a fiery flow, wall work, partner work, a variety of backbends on a different planes, and back strengthening postures all curated to help you harness 360 degrees of balanced power that you can apply to elevate your yoga practice.
4pm - 6pm-Training Content to explore teaching opportunities

Feb 10th, 2023 2-6 pm
2pm - 4pm |Handstands |
Explore how to get upside down with confidence and how to use inversions as dynamic transitions in your asana practice. Through partner work, wall work, and handstand drills you will learn courageous and creative transitions that will seamlessly take you from one pose to another all while staying upside down. Get ready to work hard, play hard, and invert your normal practice to another level.
4pm - 6pm- Training Content to support teaching these in public and private sessions

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